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Queen of Puns [Reader x Haikyuu Various]
[Name Surname], a third year at Karasuno High otherwise known as the self-proclaimed Queen of Puns . She was a bright spirit that always graced one with a smile whenever she'd make eye contact. She was an energetic person that always gave a good vibe during class. However, she had another side of her that some dreaded while others found amusing. Her punny side. No matter what the context, time, place, anything she would always manage to make a pun of something or someone. She’d always earn a few snickers and chuckles here and there from her peers seated next to her whenever she’d make ones to herself absentmindedly, which encouraged the [h/c] girl to share her refreshing words with the class. This often earned her glares from others and unimpressed looks from her teachers, while at other times the whole class would roar with laughter and the teacher would join in or hold back theirs with an amused smile plastered to their face. Either way, she would always ha
:iconcxptainlevi:CxptainLevi 228 38
Rather Be(Haise Sasaki x Reader)
It was December 27th and today, Haise finally found the courage to ask his special someone an important question.
Haise and [name] has been going out for a few weeks now. It all started from their small pun off in a café until it blossomed into something more. Their first date went great, he was happy enough to see her smile at his ridiculous puns. It was probably the first time that someone ever appreciated them, not to mention, she was also a punny person herself so somehow, she understood how he felt when nobody would laugh at his punch lines.
Haise stood in front of [name]’s apartment door with a bouquet of red velvet roses held by his hand. He takes a deep breathe, inhale, exhale. And finally, knocked on her door.
On the other side of the door, She jumps in surprise at the sound of the door ringing earlier than she expected. “I thought he was going to pick me up by 1 but it’s like, still 12..”She looks up at the wall clock to verify the time, and indee
:iconnomsforthestranger:NomsfortheStranger 175 22
Sugawara Koushi x Reader |Q u a m Q u a m |
The whole team was out and about tonight.
Well, whole team plus (Y/n).
She had somehow buried her way into each and every heart of the players.
Most specifically,
Sugawara Koushi.
Or so he thought he was the only one that felt that way.
"Everyone grab a pork bun! And no one better grab more than one or I will personally take care of you right here and now."
Daichi threatened, causing everyone to shudder and say "Hai...".
Chewing thoughtfully on her pork bun, (Y/n) sat crossed legged next to Sugawara, unaware of his growing blush.
"H-Hey (Y/n)-chan?"
Looking up, the girl saw Kageyama turn his face to the right while he continued speaking, a little red blush already showing up on his cheeks.
"Will you us drinks really quick?"
He quickly scrambled to finish the rest of the sentence, shoving some money into her hand.
Flashing him a smile, (Y/n) quickly got up and nodded.
Turning to her left, she placed her half eaten item in Sugawara's hands.
"Suga-chan. Will you watch this for
:iconwritingforpleasure:writingforpleasure 169 25
Stitches || Suzuya Juuzou x Reader
The sound of keys madly being hit were resounding through the room as a loud yawn followed.
Suzuya, who had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist from behind as you sat on his lap, watched how your fingers typed furiously and let out another large, bored sound out of his throat before snuggling closer to the crook of your neck with his face; the cold tip of his nose touching your warm skin.
“[Name], I'm bored.” His voice slightly drifted to a monotone tone but you could clearly hear the whine and pout forming his slim lips.
“I'm trying to work, Juuzou”, you exclaimed with a big sigh escaping your lips as your eyes still remained glued on the computer screen in front of you.
“[Name]”, the white haired male whined loudly as he dragged out the last letters of your name and squeezed your body in his arms. “Pay attention to me.”
You closed your eyes and let out a tiny groan as you titled your head back. The fingers of yours slowed down th
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 648 50
Jealousy || Tsukishima x Reader
Squeezing your boyfriend's hand lightly, you smiled ahead and walked side by side with him to the gym. He had picked you up from the bus station and since you were going to another school than him the time you two spent together was rare, so you had decided to come to his practice right away to spent some time with him afterwards.
Of course little Tsukki was at first not very fond of this idea. Showing affection in front of others wasn't really his cup of tea but if he would act cold towards his lover it would cause problems in their relationship and that is totally not what he wanted to happen.
He knew that he could be happy that he found someone who could put up with his personality, which was not the best truth to be told. Not that he would ever tell anyone.
He was once surprised when you had told him that you found his shit-eating grin extremely attractive; he remembered correctly the heat on his cheeks, which he had tried to hide by turning his face away into the other direction.
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 843 68
Confession Mixups ~ Kankri x Reader
Reader be (y/n)
Your name is (f/n)(l/n) and you, currently, are bored out of your skull. It is a humid summer afternoon and seeing as the weather was stiff you were wearing a (f/c) tank top and khaki shorts. You glance around your room wondering whether or not to do something productive today and if so, with what. Your eyes stopped on your laptop. Should you message your friends? Nah. You had, around breakfast, came home from having a rom-com marathon with Karkat and you were pretty socially exhausted. Your feet swung off the bed and you proceeded to lazily swing your legs back and forth, rhythmically thumping your heels against the side of the bed. You continued doing nothing for a few more minutes when a familiar chime erupted from your nightstand.
(y/n) answer the phone
“Hello?” You ask, halting your feet. You were not expecting a call from anyone, and if one of your friends wanted to chat they usually did so with you over the co
:icontherandomnamelesskid:therandomnamelesskid 304 206
Nothing is wrong! - Loki x Reader
You were spread out on the sofa in your apartment, a bowl that used to be filled with ice cream on the table and the TV turned on. You let out a satisfied sigh and smiled weakly.
”It finally settled down. No more pain for a while.” you mumbled as you decided to try and sit up. ”NOPE!” you quickly flopped back down and curled into a ball as the pain shot though you.
You rocked back and forth, trying to ignore the pain. But that didn't end well since the next thing you knew you were lying on the floor in even more pain.
”What are you doing?” a voice asked from the door while you were slowly trying to turn around to lay on your stomach instead of your back. Loki stood by the door, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. Yes, the God of Mischief was in your apartment. Not that it was anything special since he visited pretty often considering he was your boyfriend.
”They are going to explode...” you muttered as soo
:iconnixdex:nixdex 1,064 228
Mature content
Loki X Reader-Made To Be Ruled :iconreaperrose:ReaperRose 459 166
Loki x Reader
_________ made her way up the dark halls to her bedroom, making sure to pass Clint's room quietly as she ascended the stairs. She glanced at the clock and it read 2:47 am in glowing cobalt.
Most of the Avengers, if not all, had already gone to sleep. She padded up the stairs, all the way to the top, where she shared the floor with the infamous Loki of Asgard. 
She heard his frantic pacing before she even got close to their rooms.
"_________," he snapped, his tone icy. Even now, he was trapped behind glass. He slammed his palm against the cold sheen of gloss. "Where have you been dallying?"
"I made myself tea and did some work."
"You are supposed to be in your quarters by midnight every night," he said, crossing his arms. 
"This is the Avengers Tower. You think we follow any of the rules Tony made up? Tony doesn't follow his own rules," she snorted.
Loki stepped back from the glass, obviously thinking of something to retort with.
"Why do you care anyways?" she asked, sipping h
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 272 64
Not So Lazy Days (Loki X Reader)
"Loki, I'm scared."
The god's grip on you tightened and he hushed you softly. Loud footsteps walked across the corridor, and the shadow's of feet were visible under the door.
How you wished you could have had another lazy day in bed with your boyfriend, but of course, something bad had to happen.
"We should visit the woods today." You said, your finger drawing circles into Loki's skin. "You seem to enjoy it there." He replied with a chuckle, his arm hooked around your back.
"Mmhm, it's very beautiful."
"Just like you."
Smacking his chest playfully, you smiled with a faint blush coating your cheeks. "Oh hush."
Loki had a response coming, but you didn't hear it over the loud crash outside your room. You're boyfriend told you to stay there and slipped out of bed, throwing his shirt back on.
You watched worriedly as he disappeared and came back a moment later. He locked the room door and grabbed your hand, leading you into the closet. He sat down and pulled you into his lap and
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 378 68
Royals (Loki x Reader)
(Loki x Reader)
(Author’s note: This is a oneshot.  It has nothing to do with my Loki x Reader series.)
“You cheated.”
“No I didn’t!”
“Well I’m a god and I say you did,” Loki said.  He arched one of his dark brows as if daring you to contradict him again.  You sighed and began placing the glass chess pieces back on the board.
“So I’m guessing you want another rematch?”  You asked flatly.  Loki’s expression turned thoughtful as he pondered your suggestion, but after a moment he shook his head.
“No.  I find this to be rather tedious,” he said decidedly.  He arched his back against his chair and stretched.  You rolled your eyes.  You had been playing for hours.  He was just now finding it tedious?
“No kidding…”
Loki’s emerald eyes flickered to you.  “What was that?”
“Nothing.”  You shru
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 297 48
As You Wish (Loki x Reader)
As You Wish
(Loki x Reader)
You glanced left and right with a wary expression on your face.  Your eyes scanned every inch of the room, half-expecting to see some sort of ghostly figure or shadow of sorts lurking about.  As you reached for the remote to your television, it fell off of the arm of the couch.  You jumped up onto the plush seats and brandished the metal baseball bat in your sweaty hands.
“Come out!”  You commanded.  Your voice held much more confidence than you actually had.  Your eyes darted from left to right as you searched for the specter.  You let one hand drop from the bat so that you might wipe the sweat off of your palm onto your pants leg.  As you did so, something cold and moist brushed against your neck, causing you to shiver violently from head to toe.  You turned and as you did so, your feet became entangled and you fell backwards, off of the couch.  You squeezed your eyes shut, expecting a sharp pai
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 188 32
Loki x Reader Five Times
Loki x Reader
“Five times the Avengers tried to pair the reader with another Avenger and the one time they realized the pair was already dating.”
AN: Loki is working with the Avengers in this fic.
Attempt #1
You yawned and stretched as Tony stumbled into the kitchen of Stark Tower with a cup of coffee in his grasp. “Mornin’ (Name).”  He greeted as he tried to sit down at the table only to have the chair vanish from underneath him.  He tried three different chairs only to receive the same result.
“Damn it Loki!” Tony yelled, causing you to wince and cover your ears.  “ALL I WANT TO DO IS SIT DOWN!  I DIDN’T SEE YOU UP MOST OF THE NIGHT TRYING TO FIX YOUR IRON MAN SUIT THAT WAS DESTROYED WHEN….”
Sighing, you waved your hand and a seat appeared, “There you go Tony.” You interrupted his tirade and Tony gratefully sunk into the chair after a nod of thanks.  There were some perks to being
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 1,274 282
Mature content
Prussia x reader lemon Fetishes 1 :iconelven4now:Elven4Now 126 54




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